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Harrah’s, “The Pool” Atlantic City

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An owner can drastically change the market perception with one inexpensive project. In 2006 I was working on a master plan to expand Harrah’s Atlantic City with Carlos Tolosa. We were working on shopping center attractions for a new podium. I suggested to Carlos that we build an enclosed pool as the attraction and place other activities around it… the buffet, coffee shop and retail promenade. Carlos gave us a week to illustrate our ideas.

The Pool at Harrah's Resort
The Pool at Harrah's Resort

He and the Harrah’s board liked the idea of a Pool attraction even though it was a forward thinking idea in Atlantic City. Harrah’s needed to change the perception that their casino was for an older demographic. They also needed to contend with the newly opened Borgata. We built the Pool and all of the adjacent activities and it has been an incredible success. It has allowed Harrah’s to compete effectively with Borgata – closing the win gap from around $85 million dollars per year to even.

This project was a tremendous success for Harrah’s and Steelman Partners. This pool has become a standard of excellence that other companies now use as a design guideline. Harrah’s incredible operating team still creates more opportunities for expansion and growth within the current design. They have created the third most profitable nightclub in the East Coast in a facility known for its older loyal customers and one which is not even a nightclub, but a Pool.

The lesson learned is that any hospitality business can increase their business and change the public’s perception with one small project.

Aquatic Saturday at Harrah's Pool
Aquatic Saturday at Harrah's Pool


The Pool at Harrah’s Hotel/Casino in Atlantic City, NJ has gained much popularity over the last 2 years not only as a swimming area but a nightlife party venue. The pool area is actually a giant indoor, climate controlled dome with a transparent roof that lets in the rays during the day hours. It is home to one master pool and several smaller Jacuzzi’s.

Harrah’s has allowed outside promoters to host parties/events at this location and it has become a very hot party spot for the younger club type of crowd in NJ. On several occasions, they have had celebrity hosted events by such people as Brett Michaels and Kim Kardashian. During the week, things are kind of quiet there except for their SINdustry Wednesdays where anyone in the Hospitality industry around A.C. is treated as VIP’s. The best times there have been when Djais (of Belmar NJ) has one of their events. Imagine approx 3,000 guys and, girls (mostly in their 20’s) mingling around a dimly lit, poolside environment. It’s the closest thing you’re going to get to a Vegas party over here on the east coast. NJROCKSTAR.COM has shot coverage there 2 times so far and at both events we had an awesome time. Click here to view the original article.

Changing Perception of Harrah's
Changing Perception of Harrah's


The Pool, Harrah’s Atlantic City.

“Every guest wants to feel like a VIP. The Pool lets you live that out while having your own sense of privacy in a public space,” says Karolyn Shields, an interior designer at Steelman Partners who helped design the pool at Harrah’s Atlantic City. A dozen cabanas are housed in state-of-the-art 23,000-square foot glass-domed indoor pool space with lush foliage and hot tubs. The cabanas offer a plethora of amenities including cream and teal daybeds, dark wicker lounge chairs, tables, iPod docking stations, bottle service, flat screen TVs and sweeping cream semi-opaque curtains. “The environment is comfort controlled for guests and the temperature is a constant 80 degrees with the humidity controlled at 50%-60%, even during wintertime,” offers Shields. “It’s a year-round pool, which is rare in Atlantic City.” Click here to view the original article.


The Pool at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, Venue Description.

The POOL at Harrah’s Resort – Ready to channel your inner Ursula Andress in that now-famous bikini, a la Dr. No? Nothing says James Bond glamor like a combination of cocktails, barely-there swimwear, and shadowy pool corners. Come dressed-up to get in the door, but pack a suit to take a dip, as night swimming is available from 9pm-4am. With flashing lights, a young following, stocked bar, and ample pool space, this oasis combines a club atmosphere with a pristine aquatic twist. Dancers get down in calf-deep water against a background of curtained-off cabanas and a fifty-seat bar. Click here to view the original article.

Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge at Harrah's Atlantic City Pool
Kim Kardashian and Audrina Patridge at Harrah's Atlantic City Pool


”The Pool was part of the $550 million Waterfront expansion that opened in 2006. Since its debut, The Pool has become one of the most successful clubs in the country, drawing as many as 3,000 people on Saturday nights while still serving as a daytime indoor oasis for its hotel guests featuring 40-foot palm trees, tropical plants, hot tubs, cabanas and a bar.“

”The idea to expand what we offer at The Pool really started from its success, which has been tremendous,“ Snowden said. ”We grew over 50 percent in revenue at The Pool in 2009. Right now, when you talk 1 percent, it’s a good story, so 50 percent really shows how healthy a business. The Pool is for us. It has become one of the top nightclubs on the East Coast.” Click here to view the original article.

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